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Welcome to Maxim & Alina's DANCE SCHOOL in Montreal !

MAXALINA - The name of the dance school in Montreal formed from the names of the main dance teachers Maxim and Alina .The name of the school appeared when Maxim and Alina decided to open their own dance school after their successful career. They are young professional dance teachers with many years of experience . When they opened their dance school, they thought to create something special and they chose a great location for the dance school , a nice design and built a cozy and friendly atmosphere . After 5 years,the school become one of the biggest in Montreal . Today,the school has more than a 200 students and more than half are children. We are glad to say that we have amazing results ; all of our students are very successful in their dance competitions. We have achieved such great results thanks to a high level of professional teachers and a good atmosphere during group and individual lessons . Hope to see you in our dance school in Montreal "MAXALINA"!!!